Quest3D Showcase

Area visualization, Future flight experience

“After exploring 3D platforms, it quickly became clear that Quest3D was the only affordable way we were going to have realistic water, character animation, a very large environment, display on 3 beamers, HDR rendering ánd the ability to interface with our multi-touch table, in the time we had. The resulting applications have been perfectly stable while running on-site, so Quest3D has really helped us deliver the quality we stand for.”

Lex van der Sluijs, managing designer of DPI animation house, the Netherlands

FutureLand is the visitor information center for the second Maasvlakte, which is an area of 4500 acres being reclaimed off the coast of the Netherlands, for the Port of Rotterdam. The Future Flight Experience shows what this area will look like when it is finished in 2033.More pictures can be found in the press release. The FutureLand website has opening hours and directions for those who want to experience the FFE for themselves. View a demonstrational video below

3D Stereoscopic steel factory experience

“Quest3D was a great tool to realisticly recreate the intense atmosphere inside a steel factory in 3D stereo.”

Ingo Nadler, managing director of More3D, Germany

more3D creates high quality 3-D film and interactive stereoscopic content. Specialized in everything around 3D stereo for more than 8 years, more3D today delivers tailored hardware, software and content to create a stunning customer experience. For this particular project more3D has partnered with Paladin Studios to recreate a realistic interactive experience for the Hoesch Steel Museum in Dortmund, Germany.

3D Radiation Oncology Simulator

Radiation Oncology Simulator
“E2E Visuals was commissioned to create the 3D Radiation Oncology Simulator.  Quest3D has proved to be invaluable to us in this project. Without it we could not have developed such an advanced and complex simulator in such a short period of time. We now use Quest3D for all our simulation and interactive applications. We cannot state how impressed we are with Quest3D, in particular, it’s flexibility, ease of use and robustness.”

Lazaros Kastanis, managing director of E2E Visuals, Brisbane, Australia

End To End Visuals develops interactive 3D Virtual Reality solutions, focussing on simulation and training environments. In partnership with  Immersaview, they developed a 3D Radiation
Simulator for the Queensland Cancer Physics Collaborative. The goal is to enable both medical specialists and patients being  trained and prepared for treatment. More information and pictures of their product can be seen on their website.

Virtual Scale Model, Moebius House

Moebius House
“With its open structure, Quest3D provides the right platform for developing our Virtual Scale Model. Embracing the advantages of visual development, it has enabled us to program nearly any functionality we needed. As we are continuously stressing the boundaries of what is possible in realtime 3D, we can really say that Quest3D has proven its flexibility.”

Daan Willems, creative director of 3D Capacity, Den Haag, the Netherlands.

The Moebius House Demo is the result of an applied research project, involving many custom techniques. For example, the demo features a large amount of detailed trees waving gently in the wind and casting dynamic shadows. A new water rendering system was developed and the scene bathes in the ‘godrays’ of a warm evening sun.3D Capacity is a full service 3D communication agency, providing turnkey solutions for the communication of building projects. Their core business is creating real-time , interactive 3D environmens for real estate developers and municipalities. With Virtual Scale Model, built in Quest3D, 3D Capacity has established an extensive portfolio in a relative short time.

Audiosurf: Unique innovative game play

Quest3D erases the line between building games and playing games. You’re always both playing it and building it! Doing both together allowed the extremely rapid iteration that was an essential part of developing Audiosurf.”Dylan Fitterer, CEO of Invisible Handlebar, USA

Audiosurf is a cool game that fuses music with gameplay and winner of two awards on the Independent Games Festival. Dylan Fitterer made his statement about Quest3D in an interview on  gamasutra.

View a demonstrational video on youtube.

Offshore Simulator Centre

“Quest3D has proven itself to be an invaluable asset to us in our development of interactive real-time simulator systems for advanced marine operations.”Per Ekelund,

CEO of the Offshore Simulator Centre, Norway.

The Offshore Simulator Centre Norway builds training simulators for advanced marine operations. The first version of their vessel simulator for anchor handling was released on April 6th 2005. In November 2007 a new training facility for anchor handling was opened in

Innovative and sustainable designs

“Arup has successfully used Quest3D to facilitate the adoption of radical design innovation that this design powerhouse is know for, however we feel we are barely scratching the surface of the opportunities offered by Quest3D as a creative platform.”
Alvise Simondetti, Global Leader,

Arup’s Virtual Design Network

Arup is a global firm of designers, engineers, planners and business consultants providing a diverse range of professional services to clients around the world.Its innovative and fully-integrated approach brings our full complement of skills and knowledge to bear on any given design problem. It exerts a significant influence on the built environment and are the creative force behind many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable designs. The firm has almost 9000 staff working in 86 offices in more than 37 countries. At any one time, they have over 10 000 projectsrunning concurrently.

Incident Management Training

“Quest3D is the indispensable energy source of our safety and security simulations. Quest3D is the core of our simulation tool. Its flexibility enable us to quickly respond to our customer request and achieve high customer satisfaction”

Martijn Boosman, CEO of E-Semble, The Netherlands

The Dutch company E-Semble
uses Quest3D for the development of Incident Management Training Software. This software is being used for instance to train firemen. A demonstrational video can be found on this

Boeing 757 Cockpit Procedure Trainer

“Quest3D enabled us to develop this cockpit procedure trainer in an extraordinary short time frame. It gives us the flexibility to rapidly expand the trainer and include new functionality.”

Peter Wuyts, DHL-EAT, Belgium

The Belgian airline EAT, providing cargo services for DHL, built a training facility to enable flexible and cost effective training for newly hired pilots. Download a short demonstrational video here. (DivX 5 format!)

Real-time special effects for cinema

“Quest3D was a key element to the success of this project, and we look forward to working with them on our next endeavor.”, 

Rudy Poat, Interactive Cinema, Canada

Quest3D was used for the special effect of the movie ‘Trapped Ashes’. Rudy Poat and Matrix special effects specialist and Academy Award winner John Gaeta used Quest3Ds real-time 3D technology for making the visual effects. An in-depth interview about the project can be found on

Real-time election statistics for broadcasting

“This has been possible, thanks to the extraordinary performance of Quest3D and to the precise and punctual support of its team”,

Riccardo Dialuce, CEO of Sigma Consulting Systems, Italy

The results of the Italian elections in 2006 were broadcasted on several RAI channels, where a live 3D broadcasting signal was mixed and blended with a Quest3D application that represented the outcome of the elections. This project proved that Quest3D can be used for TV broadcasting solutions. View a part of the TV broadcasting here.

X-Ray Simulator

“We use Quest3D for all our projects. We were surprised by the flexibility and robustness of this Software. Using Quest3D in multiple other projects ranging from Architectural Visualization, Training-Software and Fair Systems the new OO-System gives us the trust to do your projects in a modern, reusable and structured way.”
Micha Kobald, founder and Managing Director of pixvertex, Germany
pixvertexin Berlin, Germany, built an X-Ray simulator system for testing, research and demonstrational purposes. The system uses the same input devices as the real system, so it is a perfect replacement. It is highly portable and can be seen on different fairs all over the World.

Ship Simulator and Ship Simulator Pro

“The new object-orientation of Q3D 4.0 provides us with a much better mapping of real-world objects to their simulated equivalents. The result is better manageable projects, that can more easily scale up to a higher level of complexity.”

Pjotr van Schothorst, CEO, VSTEP, The Netherlands

Ship Simulator 2008 is a revolutionary simulation game that puts players at the helm of some of the most varied and detailed ships to be found at sea. Developed by VStep in The Netherlands. Below you can see the Ship Simulator Pro in 2009 controlled by the Dutch Prime Minister

“Het Hof” in Dordrecht. Interactive Architecture Visualization

“The flexibility and ease-of-use of Quest3D allows us to focus on what’s really important: the end-user experience.”
Derk de Geus, Managing Director of
Paladin Studios, The Netherlands
In the year 1572, “Het Hof” in Dordrecht was the stage for the creation of The Netherlands. The monastery at that time has seen drastic changes in years thereafter. In collaboration with DiEP and several archaeological experts, Paladin Studios has created an interactive 3D visualisation to revive the monastery of that time.

Car Configurator. Interactive Product Presentation

Paladin Studios also showed that Quest3D is very suitable for making product presentations. They created a Car Configurator application.

Business Park Dubai

“The amazing flexibility and powerful engine of Quest3d allows us to develop interactive architecture tools that our clients have been waiting for”

Carsten Schonart, 3D-Scapes offers high-qualitity 3d-renderings -and applications. The young company operates cross-market but has focused on office design since 5 years. Carsten Schonart: “Our customized applications provide efficient support for a coexisting design –and presentation process.”

Interior visualization

There are many benefits of working with Quest3D and one of the most important is definitely the channel system. We don’t have to worry about syntax errors in our code. Instead, we can focus 100% on the artistic side which is what we like to do. The result is that we are able to get really nice visualizations up and running quickly with only one Quest3D developer doing all the coding

Peter Hou, 3D artist/developer

We create high-end visualizations of architecture and products. Kitchen visualizations have become an important market to us and the small VR department at our company has to keep up with the high-quality Vray renders produced by the other artists working at Cadesign Form.

The Endless Forest

“Quest3D’s visual programming and real-time feedback have helped us tremendously in the design of our games. Together, these features allow for a far more creative approach to programming than is possible in any other authoring environment. It’s like painting with algorithms!”
Michael Samyn, Owner of

Tale of Tales, Belgium

The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game and social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends.

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